Ariantors, don't panic, but your pop princess and Sweetener chanteuse may be changing her name soon.

Speaking to Ebro Darden of Apple Music Beats 1 this past weekend, Ariana Grande admitted she'll likely change her name once she marries her comedian beau, Pete Davidson.

Thankfully, Ariana, who got engaged back in June, won't ditch the Grande part of her name totally, but rather go for a hyphenation, making her full name Ariana Grande-Davidson. (Her current legal name is actually Ariana Grande-Butera, in case you didn't know.)

The reasoning behind the planned hyphenation? "I have to keep Grande because of my Grandpa. I think of him with everything I do in it and he was so proud of our name, I should keep it," she explained on the radio.

But Ari's not concerned about tinkering with her famous stage name, anyway. In fact, she hopes that eventually, she'll be able to pull a Beyonce or a Madonna and just be known as "Ariana," plain and simple.

"I feel like I'd eventually just be Ariana, isn't that sick? I feel like it's got a ring to it," Ariana admitted.

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