If there's one thing Ariana Grande loves more than her signature high pony, it's singing about sex. Her four album, 80-plus song discography is packed with sexual references that range from subtle, cheeky nods to Urban Dictionary-grade explicit. She's as sex-positive as a pop star can come, unafraid to say that she's a woman, she has needs, and she has no trouble meeting them — hell, her sex life is so good she's been, quite literally, singing it from the rooftops.

On the heels of Grande's latest album, Sweetener — one of her most mature, cohesive, and sensual efforts thus far — look back at her 23 most NSFW lyrics to date, from the seductive "Dangerous Woman" to the racy, innuendo-laden "Side to Side." Consider her innocuous days as a teen Nick star dead and gone, because in the words of Grande, even a "princess" can act like a "bad b---h."