Seriously though, Ariana Grande could sing the phonebook and we would listen. Her amazing vocal chops are showcased on the stellar new track 'Almost Is Never Enough,' which also features Nathan Sykes of the Wanted.

However, even though Grande's voice is hard to compete with, Sykes is the real star of the track. And why is that? After having surgery on his vocal cords, Nathan has obviously made a full recovery. Pretty awesome considering he may not have ever been able to sing again. (Side note: Doesn't the title of this song sound like the name of a James Bond Movie?)

The piano driven ballad has Grande singing, "Almost, almost is never enough / So close to being in love / If I would have known that you wanted me / The way I wanted you / Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart / But right here in each others arms." We are seriously sensing a major hit on the charts this fall, especially with this R&B flair Grande is slinging these days. It really sounds like she is yearning for the days when Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men ruled the charts.

We can't wait to hear the rest of the track!

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