It looks like Ariana Grande has taken a cue from Taylor Swift, sending a heartfelt message to a fan who asked her for advice.

The 'Break Free' singer posted screencaps of her messages on Instagram, writing a lengthy caption on the pic, including: "Here are some DMs I sent to a love named Maya. Posting 'em on here in hopes that maybe they'll be helpful to some of [you] loves that can relate!"

In the screenshot, you can see Grande's replies to the Arianator who asked for advice about learning to love yourself.

"Don't compare yourself to anybody else and try to love the things [you] usually hate on," Grande responded. "Pretend your mind and your heart and your body are like your children! You need to take care of them like a mother would."

"It's a full time job," she continued. "Loving yourself is hard work especially when there are many people out there who try to make [you] feel like [you] shouldn't. But if you love you, none of them will be able to reach you."

Solid advice, Grande!

See Ariana Grande's full response in the Instagram pic below.

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