Ariana Grande's got one less problem without you. And yes, she's looking at you, school bullies.

The 'Problem' powerhouse opened up about her school days in a recent interview with ASOS magazine, revealing that while she mingled with every social group, she also dealt with her fair share of bullying.

"I was in every group. I suppose I was a bit of a nerd, but I also had a group of friends, too," Ari explained (quotes via SugarScape). "I knew what it was like to be popular, but I also knew what it was like to have my heart broken by bullies."

Well, it looks like Ms. Grande now has the last laugh: Not only is she performing at the 2015 Grammy Awards, she's also up for two awards -- including Best Pop Vocal Album for 'My Everything.' Happiness is the greatest revenge!

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