While a lot of artists hate being compared to others, Ariana Grande isn't one of them. When her midtempo single, featuring her cooing in a whistle register, earned her Mariah Carey comparisons, she was honored, not peeved.

"She's an inspiration -- she's the greatest female vocalist, so it was definitely a compliment," Grande told Digital Spy of the 'American Idol' judge and mom to Dem Babies. "Mariah and Whitney Houston were my goddesses growing up."

The Nickelodeon starlet admitted she was surprised by her success ('The Way' hit No. 1 on iTunes), but was also quick to point out the song's accolades anyway.

“I was singing it the whole time with a massive embarrassingly big smile across my face," she revealed. "We thought it would get to the Top 15 and that that would be a great debut and we'd celebrate," Grande added. "I didn't expect any of this -- and I didn't expect it to debut at 10 on the Billboard chart either. It was craziness to me." Nice humblebrag, sweetheart.

Still, Grande seems to be somewhat aware of her status next to the legend and is simply just enjoying the ride for now.

“It’s so flattering, I can’t even believe my name is being used in the same sentence!"

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