Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes of the Wanted further fueled the dating rumors with their performance of their duet 'Almost Is Never Enough' on 'Live! With Kelly and Michael.' The adorable twosome, who share a manager in Scooter Braun, oozed chemistry...from every pore and during every note. Not even the breakfast TV hosts could deny the sizzle between the two singers.

Grande began the song onstage, singing solo.

Notice how her eyes light up like fireworks in the night sky when Sykes enters the frame at 1:59. They only have eyes for each other as they sing. The telltale sign that she is into him is how she touches her hair while he sings to her. It's an obvious sign that she is crushing on him. Meanwhile, his eyes are fixated on her from start to finish.

These two are soooooooo into each other. No matter how much her dad says they are just friends, like he did in his tweet below, their body language screams something entirely different. They hafta be duetting and dating.

Kelly Ripa acknowledged, post-perf, that "it looks like the top of a wedding cake with you two singing to each other! It's so beautiful," with her co-host concurring, "Your chemistry is incredible. It really is."

We LURVE how they high-five at the end.

Oh, and here's the tweet posted by Grande's dad.