Ariana Grande got tattooed, with a simple script written across the back of her neck.

That means she can always cover it with her long, thick mane of brown hair.

She got her ink courtesy of Romeo Lacoste from the TV show 'Best Ink.' She thanked him in her Instagram posts and was quick to point out that she was very happy with it.

The mini diva, 20, even shared a pic of the deed being done, as well as the end result, but we can't really see what it says. Let's hope someone helps her with a tattoo selfie and gets a clearer image and then shares it.

It does look delicate and sweet, though! It's not like she got it on her throat or her knuckles. It's in an easy-to-hide place if she chooses to do so. It's not like she is Rihanna, either, getting her entire hand intricately designed.

Grande reportedly has another tattoo – a heart on one of her toes.