Ariana Grande isn't going to let the end of the world get in the way of her spirits, as shown in her new music video for "One Last Time."

"One Last Time" is an EDM-fused pop song which was co-written by superstar producer David Guetta. It is Grande's fourth single off her bestselling album, My Everything, but was originally released as a free download on iTunes on Aug. 22, 2014.

The video, which was directed by Max Landis (Chronicle), is shot from a first-person point of view and follows Grande and her boyfriend (played by her Victorious co-star Matt Bennett) navigating the chaos of Los Angeles after a comet hits the Earth.

"One Last Time" begins with news reports of a comet named Eurydice projected to hit Earth. Grande is seen with her boyfriend in their car when chaos erupts in an alley in Los Angeles. Curious, Grande leaves the car while her boyfriend follows her. As they look up in the sky, the comet is seen exploding over Earth, causing everyone to panic in a frenzy.

The camera, which gives the illusion that it never cuts, then follows Grande through buildings and alleys until she reaches the top of a building. As her boyfriend sets the camera down, they enjoy one last kiss against the backdrop.

Arianators instantly took to social media to celebrate the release of "One Last Time," as the hashtag "#OneLastTimeVideo" trended on Twitter throughout the early morning hours of Feb. 16.

Click on the video above to watch Ariana's latest video.

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