It’s official — Ariana Grande has the cutest dogs ever.

The singer posted a series of photos starring her furry family on Instagram earlier today (May 23). The four pups all took turns posing — or sleeping — for their glamour shots. There are a lot of cute celebrity dogs out there, but these guys give the rest of them a run for their money.

Earlier this week the ‘Problem’ star got fans talking when she posted a photo of her ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks holding two sweet-looking, fluffy puppies. Could she be looking to add to her crew of adorable pooches?

We can’t tell what kind of dog Coco is, but he or she is looking flawless in this super-close selfie.

Toulouse is living the life. Cute accessories and mega soft blankets? Yes, please!

Ophelia got the Ariana ponytail treatment for her pretty (and hilarious) picture.

Aww, Ariana’s got her arms full of curly fur in this cute snapshot.