Is it already Christmas & Chill time?

The ever-giving, (reportedly) newly single Ariana Grande decided to go into Santa Claus mode overnight, digging deep into her rich vault of unreleased demos and sprinkling two songs 'pon her absolutely amazingly named new SoundCloud account, arianagrandeforrealidkwhyicantgetmyownlinkbutok.

The first song, "Voodoo Love," is one that she's teased for eons, recorded all the way back in the Yours Truly era. (Seriously: she first played the track for fans during a live chat back in 2012.) After actual years of waiting, it was all worth it: the track is a bop and a half. Is it too late to release as a single in 2016, Ari?

The other track, "Honeymoon Avenue," isn't new to us, of course: it's the opening track on her debut LP — but not this version. The original (OG!) demo for the track, which she first talked about years ago, is much different than what made it on the record.

"It sounded very upbeat and bright and happy and Motown-y, and I felt like it didn't really capture the emotional content of what the song is about, so The Rascals...rearranged it, and I said I wanted strings," she revealed in a Q&A back in 2013. It's true — the album version really does reign supreme, but it's a treat as a fan to hear what almost was.

Have a listen to the two Ari originals below — AND listen to an a special capella version of "Into You," released through her official Vevo account on August 3, below.

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