Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez are all about the high, ombre ponys. Which singer rocks the chic hairstyle best?

Of course, the high ponytail is Ariana Grande's signature style, and she wears it so often that it's basically become part of her uniform. She wears it half-up, half-down, slicked back with a piece of hair hiding the elastic. Super cute! And the half-up, half-down look gives the illusion that she has an incredible amount of hair -- and that is one seriously sweet mane.

Jennifer Lopez also rocked the high pony recently, choosing to hide the elastic just like Ariana. We love how chic and elegant the ponytail looks on J. Lo -- while also being super flirty and sexy. Her ombre is a little more obvious -- starting out dark on top but then fading into a fun, summery blonde. We love it!

Which pop star rocks the high ponytail best? Cast your vote for Ariana Grande or Jennifer Lopez below!

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