Ariana Grande is such an adorable little drama queen.

The singer with the huge voice, who recently busted her toes after slipping on dog pee at her house, posted that she had a wisdom tooth removed, but she didn't simply tell Arianators that. Her initial tweet about the matter made it seem like she was having something much more significant done.

In cute but slightly dramatic and sarcastic fashion, the mini diva said she was having a bone removed from her skull. On first look, that sounds like she was having major brain surgery. But she was having a wisdom tooth yanked, which is never fun, either.

She also explained that she could only have one of her wisdom teeth removed at the time, due to the way it could affect her singing. She also said that the laughing gas didn't work, either, but that tweet was deleted. She also posted a tweet about her recovery.

We're glad that Grande attended to this somewhat annoying mouth matter, despite the fact that her initial tweet made her fans worry for a hot second. We hope the post-removal healing process happens quickly. Wisdom teeth only become more and more problematic the longer you wait to have them extracted, so dealing with it now, despite the headache, is a good idea.

See Grande's tweets below.