Just last week CBS revealed that pop sensation Ariana Grande will have a close relative on the 16th season of 'Big Brother' --- her big brother! Frankie is one of 16 contestants living in the 'BB' household and competing for the grand prize of $500,000. Tonight he made his TV debut on the first episode, and already we feel like we know much more about the pink-haired dancer.

Here are five things we learned about Frankie tonight:

  • 1

    Frankie Grande is the “Queen of YouTube.”

    Frankie has quite a long resume! He introduced himself as a former Broadway performer, a YouTube personality and a dancing instructor for kids. All three are pretty impressive, but Frankie seems most fond of his YouTube rep. According to the new reality show star, he is the “Queen of YouTube.”

    “I’m always filming myself and then posting those videos,” he explained. Then he humble-bragged that he has 1.2 million followers. (Maybe he’s combining his followers across social media platforms, because as of right now, he only has about 190,000 YouTube subscribers.)

  • 2

    Frankie likes short shorts!

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Frankie is a dancer, after all, so it makes sense that he’s got nice legs. He showed them off already, wearing a pair of royal blue shorts for his entrance into the ‘Big Brother’ House. He later rocked a short hot pink bathing suit — to match his hair, of course — when he competed in the first Head of Household competition.

  • 3

    He is aging backwards.

    Frankie introduced himself on the show and to his fellow housemates as a 28-year-old. But according to CBS, he’s actually 31! Maybe it’s a strategy of his that he hasn’t revealed yet, or maybe he’s just aging backwards. Share your secret, Frankie!

  • 4

    Frankie isn't a great chess player.

    Frankie and his housemate Cody — whom Frankie (and all of the ladies) are majorly crushing on — sat down for a game of chess that didn’t seem all that successful. To be fair, Frankie did warn Cody that he didn’t know how to play. Still, Cody looked a little shocked when Frankie couldn’t tell the difference between the king and queen pieces. Noted: We won’t be calling if we ever find ourselves needing a master chess player.

  • 5

    But he is in great shape!

    Frankie might not know how to play chess, but he’s got those crunches down! Frankie led two of his male housemates in a round of vigorous crunches that the other two beefy guys had a hard time keeping up with. The 28-year-old (or 31-year-old?) proved himself once again during the first 'BB' competition, when he had to keep his balance on a huge rolling log while being doused in a spray of suntan lotion. It might look easy, but the contestants revealed that it was way harder than it looks, and they could feel the burn in their legs. Frankie beat out the other seven and became the very first Head of Household for this season!