Ariana Grande is showing her nerdy side this Halloween, though for people who don't get the reference it's just downright terrifying.

On Wednesday (October 30), the pop star shared a photo on Twitter of herself all dressed up in what looks like some sort of deformed pig face makeup. "Eye of the beholder" she captioned the disturbing image.

The costume is a nod to one of the famous sci-fi series Twilight Zone's most iconic episodes, "Eye of the Beholder." The episode, which aired in 1959, showcases just how influenced we are by societal norms. It focuses on a woman named Janet Tyler who is trying desperately to change her physical appearance, which nurses describe as a "pitiful twisted lump of flesh." At the beginning, her face is heavily bandaged. When she can't take it anymore, the doctor unravels the bandages. Dismayed, it's revealed the procedure to make her look "normal" did not work—her face still looks the same.

When the viewer first sees Tyler, it's shocking—she's beautiful by conventional standards. Meanwhile, the doctor and nurses continue to speak off screen. It's determined that because they were unsuccessful in the treatment, Tyler would be exiled to a village of her '"own kind." When we finally see the hospital staff, their appearance is jaw-dropping. Their eyes are sunken; their faces are wrinkled; their lips are swollen and twisted; their noses are broad and pig-like. By our societal standards, they're not only ugly but hard to look at because of their seemingly deformed look. But hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

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