'The Voice' hopeful Ashley De La Rosa, a member of Christina Aguilera's team, is just 17 years old, but she knows who she is and who she wants to be as an artist. She desires to be the edgy, tough rocker a la Alanis Morissette. For tonight's quarterfinal episode, she re-arranged Jewel's 'Foolish Games' and gave it that rock power that she favors. She gambled and won.

The teen began the song while seated, surrounded by billowing stage smoke. A little off topic, but we gotta mention that we loved the green nail polish, which was noticeable as she cradled her microphone! She looked so soft, stylish and pretty in a pastel maxi dress, too. It was a more approachable side of ADLR, but she didn't  mute or blunt any of her edge.

De Le Rosa's challenge with this particular song was to not be swallowed by the bold guitars and to soar over them and that's just what she did, especially on the last note of the song. She slayed that thing and then took the tempo right back down, taming her voice into an intimate, vulnerable state. It's not easy to go from 0 to 60 and back to 0, but De La Rosa did it like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Blake Shelton said the smartest decision on Season 2 of 'The Voice' was Xtina saving her, since she is blossoming under and responding to the coaching and tutelage of the proud Xtina.

After all, isn't that what this show is about?

Watch Ashley De La Rosa Perform 'Foolish Games' on 'The Voice'