B.A.P — one of K-pop's biggest boy bands in the game — are back at it today (Mar. 7) in the form of "Wake Me Up," the lead track off of their brand new single album Rose.

Following the release of their 2016 South Korean studio album Noir, the boys are back with a crashing call-to-arms, fighting to awaken a new version of themselves amid the chaos and pain of everyday life. (So, basically, something like Evanescence's "Wake Me Up.") Accordingly, the accompanying video for their new song is full of intense visuals — from taking a bat to a graffiti-coated car to some frustrated extras going mad, trapped in their own rooms, Saw style.

Rose is the sixth single album by B.A.P, featuring two other tracks: the heavy rock-laced "Dystopia" and the more R&B-flared "Diamond 4 Ya."

Watch above, and consider this your wake up call. And if you love the boys, make sure to vote for them in our March Madness poll.

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