Big breakups can bring about rash, impulsive decisions in even the most level-headed people. So when Ben Affleck was first spotted earlier this year with a hint of a tattoo emblazoned across his lower back, we recognized it as a possible side-effect of his divorce from Jennifer Garner, his wife of ten years.

But we underestimated the tattoo's sheer size. Judging by a photo that began circulating online today (December 11), the tattoo is no mere tramp stamp -- it's a massive phoenix that covers the entirety of Affleck's back.

A photographer shot the picture while Affleck was onset filming the upcoming movie Live by Night, which costars Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana and Scott Eastwood. You might be thinking: Hey, relax, this is clearly just part of his character, right? Not so, says a source at US Weekly — that giant, colorful phoenix is a decision Affleck chose to have permanently inked on his body as a regular human person existing in this world.

The source confirmed, “He got it done at home recently."

No further reasoning has been given as to why Affleck chose to get this particular tattoo, but US Weekly does note that the phoenix is "a symbol of rebirth and reinvention."

Damning photo evidence of a different nature came about from the same movie set -- Affleck was spotted holding hands with his costar Sienna Miller. Sources tell PEOPLE that the two are not romantically inclined, and to be fair, that handshake looks pretty platonic.

Check out the tattoo and the hand-holding over at US Weekly.

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