As 2014 winds down, we're looking back at the best pop music had to offer this year, right down to the music videos.

The past 12 months were filmed with ground-breaking, record-setting visuals. 2014 is the year that introduced us to Nicki Minaj's steamy 'Anaconda,' Ed Sheeran's mad ballroom dancing skills and what might be Lady Gaga's most theatrical short film yet, 'G.U.Y.'

Of course, the year also brought a tear-jerking video courtesy of 5 Seconds of Summer, Taylor Swift's most tongue-in-cheek performance yet and some major superstar collaborations. (We're looking at you, Nicki, Jessie J and Ariana Grande.)

There were clearly a ton of amazing music videos in 2014, but which made our Top 10? Which was the ultimate visual offering from a pop artist? Check out our list of the Best Music Videos of 2014 below!


  • 10

    'G.U.Y.,’ Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga took her creativity to a new level with the 11-minute 'G.U.Y.' short film. Not only is the extravagant video beautifully shot, it contains cameos from 'The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills' and Andy Cohen! Only Mother Monster could take all of these components -- not to mention the incredible Hearst Castle -- and combine them into one epic video.

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    ‘Bang Bang,’ Jessie J Feat. Nicki Minaj + Ariana Grande

    What do you get when you combine three of pop's biggest superstars into one powerhouse collaboration? The 'Bang Bang' music video, of course! Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande each get their own moment to shine in the spotlight before joining forces at the end of the track. The urban setting, tinged with retro flavor, reinforces the song's theme that these ladies mean business.

  • 8

    Fifth Harmony, 'BO$$'

    We can't get over the fierce, feminine force that Fifth Harmony radiate in their 'BO$$' video. If the song's rhythmic snaps weren't enough to make us obsessed, the women's endless confidence would totally have us hooked. Also, can we address how incredible they look in those white blazers?

  • 7

    ‘Problem,’ Ariana Grande

    Ariana debuted her sultry, more mature image with the retro-themed 'Problem,' one of the best videos of 2014. Not only does the video highlight Ari's trademark vocals, it coined her signature 'Problem' dance. While other artists are making heavy references to the '80s at the moment, trust Ariana to do something totally different -- and amazing.

  • 6

    'Amnesia,’ 5 Seconds of Summer

    Whether or not you're a diehard member of the 5SOS Fam, there's no denying that 'Amnesia' brings all the feels. While the Aussies are known for their light-hearted antics (please refer to 'She Looks So Perfect'), 'Amnesia' shows a more vulnerable side of the band. Seeing the guys going from happier times to isolated loneliness is enough to make our hearts ache.

  • 5

    ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ Ed Sheeran

    Ed Sheeran had us with the romantic opening lines of 'Thinking Out Loud,' but he still took our breath away with the music video. We love Ed's laidback, casual persona, but seeing him dressed up and ballroom dancing was a major swoon-worthy moment. The video captures the classic, elegant mood of the song, while opening us up to an entirely new side of Ed.

  • 4

    ‘Confident,’ Justin Bieber

    Oh, hey there, sultry Justin Bieber. Justin takes slinkiness to a whole new level with his smoky 'Confident' video. It's a slow burner that showcases JB's R&B side and mad dance skills. If Justin was only going to release one video in 2014, we're glad it's this one.

  • 3

    'Anaconda,’ Nicki Minaj

    In a move that actually broke the Internet -- and set a Vevo record! -- Nicki Minaj dropped her booty-tastic 'Anaconda' video. From its steamy setting to Nicki's crazy-good twerk moves to the entire visual, the video catapulted the singer to icon status. 'Anaconda' was -- and will continue to be -- one of the most talked-about videos of 2014.

  • 2

    ‘Night Changes,’ One Direction

    Want to know what it's like to date One Direction? All you need to do is watch 1D's 'Night Changes' video, which lets viewers get some one-on-one time with the boys. Of course, things don't always go as planned, but it's the creativity behind the video -- as well as One Direction's charm and senses of humor -- that make this one of their best yet.

  • 1

    ‘Blank Space,’ Taylor Swift

    Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned, or at least that's the idea she teases in her 'Blank Space' video, which tops our 10 Best Videos of 2014 list. Playing up the part of the enraged girlfriend (on the most stunning estate ever, no less), Taylor exacts revenge on her lover and even ... kills him. Too far? Yes. But it's the over-the-top vibe of the video (and Taylor's incredible outfits) that make this such a fantastic complement to the song.