Just when we thought the list of performers for the upcoming 2015 Grammy Awards couldn't get any better, today's announcement happened. According to E! News, both Beyonce and Katy Perry are now slated to perform at the awards show and we seriously couldn't be happier to hear it!

Katy will be performing at the Grammys just a week after killing it at the 2015 Super Bowl, but her set is bound to be a bit more subdued this time around. Billboard reports that Katy will be performing her ballad, 'By the Grace of God,' and is set to be a "highly visual spectacle with dance elements playing a central role." Sadly, we assume there will be no dancing sharks to accompany her.

As for Beyonce, Common told US Weekly that she would be part of his performance with John Legend. They are set to perform 'Glory,' the song from the movie 'Selma,' which is also nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. Common said, "We do have an incredible introduction to our performance. A segue into our song ‘Glory,' as a tribute to Selma, being done by the great Beyoncé. That's one of the greatest talents you can have, helping us segue into it. To co-create a performance with someone like her. It's good."

"Good" is probably an understatement, considering the fact that, well, it's Beyonce we're talking about.

Beyonce and Katy join the long list of impressive artists set to perform this coming Sunday (Feb. 8), from Kanye West and Ed Sheeran to Madonna, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande and more.

Who are you guys most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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