A bride-to-be on Reddit is feeling uneasy after her already-married sister revealed she plans to wear an extravagant gown and take family photos at her wedding.

"First off, she got a gown made from the same designer as my wedding gown, which is fine… but I saw the gown recently and it’s pretty much fully crystallized and beaded and almost as nice and extravagant as my gown," she wrote on Reddit.

"I want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know/plan for the gown to be that extravagant or nice since she paid a lower price for her gown than mine, but when the designer asked her if she wanted to add more details to her already extravagant gown, she said yes," the bride-to-be continued.

"Then, what made me even more uncomfortable was that she messaged me asking if my wedding photographer could do some extra family shots of her and her family (husband and kids)," she added.

The bride-to-be told her sister she would be OK with "[one] or [two] extra shots," but her sister "specifically said to tell the photographer to include it in the list of shots to do, which makes me feel like she wants to get a free photo shoot out of my wedding."

Now, the future bride feels her sister might be using her wedding to try to "make up for" her own smaller, intimate wedding, which took place during the height of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Users in the comments section were shocked by the bride's sister's behavior and photography request.

"Baby, she’s making this her wedding part 2," one person wrote.

"If your sister is going to show up to your wedding in a wedding dress I think you need to get ahead of her plans and put a stop to it. Just because she didn’t get the wedding she wanted doesn’t mean she can take over yours. Get your family involved and stop her immediately," another advised.

"It's not appropriate at all to take up some of your photographer's shots for herself and her family! How incredibly selfish, wedding photography is some of the most expensive around because they only have a very limited amount of time to capture the most important day of the bride and groom's life. Keywords... bride and groom! I would tell your sister if she wants a private photo shoot, you can give her the photographer's details to arrange a shoot at a later date. That on top of the gown... yes, I think she's making it about herself," someone else shared.

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