After Britney Spears walked off of the 'X Factor' set, rumors flew that she had a meltdown and ticked off her fellow judges. While it was later confirmed there was no breakdown whatsoever, we were still left wondering why Brit left the room. Well, It turns out she's within her contractual rights to do so. Let us explain:

Sources told TMZ that Spears felt "overwhelmed" when the crowd reacted negatively to one of her comments, leading her to take one of those said breaks before auditions were over. Luckily for BritBrit, TMZ reports that Spears has some special privileges written into her contract, including ones that allow her to take breaks whenever she feels like it. Word is that 'X Factor' was so eager to sign her onto their panel that they agreed to "unheard of terms," and that Spears essentially has free reign to do whatever she pleases and still pocket a cool $15 million.

So how's she getting on with her fellow judges? Radar Online reports that Spears bickers often with her boss and fellow judge, Simon Cowell. After one particular audition, Spears told him, "You are so rude, Simon!"

Sounds like the British bad boy will have his hands full with Brit and Demi Lovato, who has taken to calling the cantankerous Cowell "grandpa."

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