Season 2 of 'X Factor' kicked off its production with the Austin auditions on Thursday (May 24) and already, Simon Cowell has found a new bantering and bickering partner. No, it's not Britney Spears, but Demi Lovato.

The singer is young, spunky and a neophyte, so she's got to be the perfect foil for the crotchety, acid-tongued veteran. Ace Showbiz reports that Lovato is "really brave" when it comes to Cowell, reminding him of the age and generation gap. She's even taken to calling him "grandpa," as well as "old and impatient."

Whoa, Dems is sassy, but she might need to slow her roll there.

Still, it sounds like the rest of the banter is all in good fun. Like when Simon suggested that a contestant butchered Lovato's song, to which she replied, "At least I have a song Simon!"

Cowell's reply? "Demi, I think you need to sit in the naughty chair for a few minutes today."

Sounds playful and super cute to us, and like ol' Simon has found a worthwhile sparring partner.

The Simon-Demi bickering and back-and-forth verbiage isn't the only "drama" to hit the audition period so far. Brit Brit apparently had some issues and walked off the set, with media sources speculating that she was miffed when someone botched one of her (many) hits. But that report was quickly quelled, with sources saying Brit just needed a break. All other accounts indicate she was warm and professional with the hopefuls.

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