A shelved Britney Spears song from 2008 called 'This Kiss' has leaked online. The verdict? It sounds like a video game theme song, thanks to all the blips, beeps and synths. It also could be the perfect track to accompany the opening credits of a Saturday morning cartoon. It's very teenybopper pop.

The song, which was reportedly recorded during the 'Circus' era, according to Idolator, is a cute, almost silly number, without any of Brit's signature Lolita sexiness. The vocals are a little shaky -- literally -- and are too low in the mix, making us think this is a demo or unfinished.

It's an upbeat, sweet little number, but it doesn't sound like anything else in Brit's catalog or like it would have been right for 'Circus,' which was a confident album.

Still, it's always fun to unearth a "new" old Brit song and listen to her coo "This kiss / This kiss / This kiss" over and over. There are still tons of Brit-a-holics who would love to hear her get all breathy about kisses. But as weird as this might sound, the melody sounds like something she would sing to Sean Preston or Jayden James. It's that playful and Brit-lite.

Listen to Brit's 'This Kiss' and tell us what you think. Was it best left on the shelf or would you like to hear more if it, albeit in a better produced version?

Listen to Britney Spears, 'This Kiss'