'X Factor' is shaping up to be intense and a lot of fun this season. The addition of Britney Spears has already had its share of drama, from rumors to her having special privileges to whispers on on-set meltdowns.

While those have been hotly contested by both Spears herself and her fellow panel, BritBrit is bringing the drama where it belongs: On the stage.

New audio clips of 'X Factor' auditions show Spears as both a sweetheart and a sass queen depending on who she's dealing with and how they're behaving.

In one clip, Spears has a "that's what she said" moment and gets audibly flustered. It's not her fault she's surrounded by pervs! She told a duo, "I feel like your songs are really great and your voices are magical. When you sing, you have a really nice, soothing sound and I wish you could wake me up in the morning." As soon as she said that, there were "oohs" and insinuations, so she promptly added, "Singing!" But it was too late, as Simon Cowell cackled, "Awkward!"

In another clip, Spears interviews a contestant named Jake and messes up his last name a few times, but it's actually more endearing than anything else. She informs another, "I felt like I was listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks. I think your song was too high, sweetie."

Our fave, though? Apparently a contestant insulted fellow judge Demi Lovato's own vocal ability, and that didn't sit well with Mama Bear Brit at all. Spears was speedy to come to Lovato's defense. "I want to know who let you on stage," she sassed. "I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me." Dayum!

Take a listen to the audio below. If you weren't excited about 'X Factor' already, you will be once you hear these!

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