As previously announced, the internationally demanded boys of BTS are set to dominate the Japanese charts once again with the long-awaited Japanese-language version of their 2016 Korean smash hit, "Blood, Sweat & Tears."

The accompanying music video for the release has arrived today (May 9) — and, well, good luck trying to make any sense of it.

Paintings, psychedelic splatters of neon and (what appears to be) drugs and alcohol pepper the color-coated visual, as the boys beat each other up, flee and generally freak the f--k out in the high-octane, symbolism-heavy music video. While the Japanese visual centers around art like its Korean counterpart (and includes several clever visual overlaps), the new version is edgier, grittier and much more intense than the sleek, choreography-filled original. This is no casual trip to the museum, that's for sure.

The release of "Blood, Sweat & Tears" in Japan also marks the group's first release with their new label in Japan, Def Jam Records.

But which version of the video do you prefer? Watch both, then vote below.

Japanese version:

Korean version:

BTS Through the Years: