Ah, the extraordinarily tough task of being the lead visual member of a K-pop group: Jin of BTS certainly knows what a difficult undertaking it is to be, well, so damn fine for a living.

Last night, before BTS took home a historic Top Social Artist win as the first Korean group to win a Billboard Music Award (congratulations again, boys!), the massively popular troupe was already causing a stir on social media — and on the red carpet. But there was one member in particular who caused both devoted A.R.M.Y. members and newfound fans alike to swoon: Jin — unofficially now dubbed the "third one from the left."

Even without any knowledge of BTS whatsoever, the viewers at home were quick to notice Jin's standout handsome looks on the red carpet, leading to hundreds of enamored tweets all highlighting the same member.

Amusingly, this isn't even the first time Jin caused a panic at an awards ceremony with his mere appearance. Two years ago, at the MelOn Music Awards, Jin became known as the "car door guy" simply for looking good while getting out of a car.

Again, times are very tough for Jin.

Are you one of the ones desperately searching to find out who that third one from the left is? Or are you already a hardcore A.R.M.Y. member, deeply amused by the West's sudden preoccupation with Jin? Either way, the public's thirst did not go unnoticed.

BTS Looking Sharp at the 2017 BBMAs:

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