BTS continue to endure the grueling requirements of variety show promo for their latest studio album, You Never Walk Alone. And after dancing on a tiny square stage together in pajamas the hopes of winning tasty snacks, the Bangtan Boys competed against each other in a crane machine game on Idol Arcade — and the losing team received a punishment: "Spring Day" with aegyo — AKA, with a super cute flair.

The challenge losers (sorry) — V, Jungkook, Jin and Suga — happily sang along to "Spring Day" in its entirety, pulling goofy faces, giggling, clapping and generally being adorable — even while making snarky side comments to themselves. The cute factor spiked to overload once Jimin started to toss V piles of Pokémon from the crane machine game. (And based on the boys' reaction, we're willing to bet some A.R.M.Y. members never wanted to be an Eevee so badly.)

On a related note, the group uploaded an impressive "Spring Day" dance rehearsal video days ago — but it's still not quite as cute as this.

Watch above.

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