Cady Groves, an artist to watch in 2012, recently revealed quite a bit about herself in a radio chat. The small town gal from Oklahoma, who is one of seven kids, didn't simply reveal frivolous stuff -- like the fact that she loves chips and salsa and considers it a food group. Or that she tries to consume more than once per day, saying "It's always sushi or salsa," but not together! She also went deep, talking about a soured relationship that informed her songwriting.

During the chat, Groves demonstrated that irreverent, rough around the edges vibe that was absolutely dig about her. She yawned. She talked about her family frequenting a "meat center" to shop for carnivore-friendly fare as a kid. We didn't know such establishments existed. She joked that she sounded like a cross between actress Fran Drescher and Darth Vader, since she had just woken up for the interview and her voice was all sorts of raspy.

She also shared that she initially had the goal of being a songwriter, not a pop star, since she didn't think she had the "look" to make it s a pop starlet. It was never her dream to be in the spotlight. That said, now that she has been thrust into it, she writes her own songs, making her more authentic!

Groves, who meshes elements of Avril, Amy and Adele in her music and image, also revealed what inspired her sound, recounting a disastrous relationship with the kind of candor not normally demonstrated by pop stars on the rise. "I got involved with someone I was working with on my album," she admitted. "He was a lot older, he was around 35 and I'm 22. I don't know if I will ever love someone as much as I loved this person. I've always been careful, never dating or [being] trustworthy of anyone. We were obsessed with each other."

Then Groves found from a friend that he was already in a 10-year relationship with someone else. She had no idea about his double life, so needless to say, it threw her for quite a loop, since they were always together. She eventually confronted the other woman and "told her I existed, so she was just as surprised and embarrassed as I was."

And that's what caused her to go "Alanis Morissette" on him -- her phrase -- via her music. Making good music is always the best therapy and revenge, isn't it?

Groves will release an EP on Feb. 7, which includes album tracks and her famed Adele cover. She will also be selling the EP on tour to tide fans over since her album was pushed back.