Cady Groves is fed up with an ex on her new song 'IDGAF.' If the meaning of that acronym doesn't make sense, it will become obvious when the 22-year-old from Oklahoma sings the infectious hook.

On the track she co-wrote with her guitarist, Ryan Williams, Groves snarls, "I don't give a f--- if you don't love me / I don't give a f--- if you don't care / I don't give a f--- if you don't want me / Maybe I'm drunk or just down on my luck, but I swear / I just don't give a..."

The spunky attitude and poppy sound of 'IDGAF' are sure to draw comparisons to Avril Lavigne. The track is even more catchy than 'This Little Girl,' the song that made Groves one of PopCrush's Artists to Watch for 2012. Groves was signed by RCA in 2010 and has toured with the Bamboozle Road Show, while refining her sound and working on her first full-length album.

'IDGAF' is likely to appear on Groves' debut album, expected later in 2012. Groves began writing the record with an established producer who she later fell in love with, until it turned out he had a wife. "My whole album is about one guy, and he is a certified life ruiner," Groves told AOL. "I wrote a whole album about cutting off that guy's wang."

Listen to Cady Groves' 'IDGAF'