Too rigid for a bit of sarcasm? Love dealing out unwarranted condescension? Why not consider a fulfilling career in Sacramento, California's morning news circuit!

Yesterday, a trio of patronizing Good Day Sacramento anchors interviewed actress Cara Delevingne about her leading role in Paper Towns—or, to put it differently, greeted the 22-year-old by calling her "Carla," childishly received her humor as a personal affront and proceeded to mock her while a live feed was still active. Leave it to the professionals...

In the clip above, the show kicks off the Q&A by asking the actress if she'd read the book on which the film is based in preparation for the role ("No, I never read the book, or the script, actually—I kind of winged it," she snarkily responds), and the trainwreck officially takes shape.

Delevingne, who admits she's perhaps a bit tired from the previous night's premiere event, is ridiculed for not speaking with the alacrity of a peppier person. Though she answers questions about identifying with her character and living out her dreams thoughtfully, it's not good enough, and in a few minutes' time, she's being mocked.

"On that note, we’ll let you go then," an anchor says after feeling fed up. "How about that? Take a little nap, get a Red Bull, how about that?"

And just when the disaster seems like its over, the show's production pairs a wild cat's shrieky sound effect over an image of their guest (Get it, guys? A cat—like one that might work its way into a cat fight!). Sacramento might have once been lousy with Gold Rush opportunities, but it appears cleverness, conversely, is in short supply.

What do you think—was Cara as difficult as these guys seemed to think she was, or were they totally out of line to judge her so harshly? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Get a glimpse at Cara's craziest faces: