Cardi B is fed up with President Joe Biden and his potential opponent in the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump, and therefore won't be voting this year.

Cardi B Calls out Biden and Trump

On Thursday (May 16), Rolling Stone released its latest cover story interview featuring Cardi B. In the story, Cardi dives into politics and gives her thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

"I don’t f**k with both of y’all n***as," Cardi said of Biden and Trump. "I feel like people got betrayed," she added, referencing unfulfilled campaign promises, the high cost of living and low wages.

"It’s just like, damn, y’all not caring about nobody," she continued. "Then, it really gets me upset that there is solutions to it. There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f**king thing."

Cardi B is no stranger to showing off her political side. Last November, she called out politicians for the budget cuts in New York City that affected schools and libraries. She also criticized President Joe Biden for providing financial assistance with the Ukraine war against Russia and the Israel and Gaza conflict in the Middle East instead of addressing issues in the States.

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Cardi Gives Update on Album and Marriage

Despite announcing she would be pushing back her album another year earlier this week following a heated exchange with fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, Bardi's team confirmed with Rolling Stone that the album is still targeted to drop this year. She also revealed she is working with rising Bronx rapper-producer Cash Cobain.

In addition, Cardi provided an update on her marriage to Offset. The couple seemed to be headed for divorce last year when Cardi called the former Migos member out of social media. However, they've been spotted together multiple times since then.

"I think it through," Cardi said when asked about the future of her marriage. "We think it through, because we do love each other. It’s not even about love. We’re best friends. And it’s like, 'OK. Well, there was a time that I didn’t have a best friend, or I didn’t have a support system.' It’s not even about ‘How do you leave a partner?’ How do you stop talking to your best friend?"

Check out Cardi B's full Rolling Stone interview here.

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