It seems like everyone's made a viral video of 'Call Me Maybe,' the inescapable Platinum hit that made Carly Rae Jepsen a household name. So what does she think of all the lip-synced covers she's inspired?

She loves 'em! In a recent chat with MTV News, the Canadian cutie spilled, "I have seen a few. It's pretty rad that people are participating and making their own versions. It makes my day to see it." We bet Katy Perry, James Franco and a bunch of Harvard athletes are stoked to hear that -- not to mention Jepsen's buddy/label boss, Justin Bieber!

Jepsen can barely believe her success. "It's hard to imagine this, even though I'm living this every day, it's kind of hard to believe it sometimes," she gushed. "[I] definitely didn't predict this."

The cute brunette has two favorite virals to her hit: the Harvard baseball team's and Katy's! "I was in London at the time I saw Katy's version of 'Call Me Maybe,'" Jepsen said. "I think she was at Coachella when she shot it, which was really cool. It was another surreal moment: Being in London was already crazy and then on top of it, to kind of see all the stars were reaching out and doing their versions as well, it was kind of like a cherry on top of the whole thing."

One thing Perry's was missing was the fist pump, which Jepsen adored in the Harvard team's clip. "I saw the fist pump, it was so cute," she giggled. "It was funny because every chorus, they added a new element. I was like, they really planned this out, this is so fantastic. It's so cool that it's sort of sparked this online thing. It's really neat."

No word on how she feels about James Franco's rendition!

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