Michelle Obama is definitely living up her waning days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Missy Elliott is happy to keep the party going.

While the 2016 Presidential race rages on (and Obama's eloquent speeches are unceremoniously ripped by the GOP), the First Lady's taken a moment to have some fun before the White House gets new tenants. And her newest method of blowing off some steam? A Carpool Karaoke ride around the lot with Late Late Show host James Corden — Beyonce hits of course included.

Corden, who enters the famed property under the guise of taking a tour, picks up the First Lady in the clip above. And Obama, who's rarely got a minute to spare, makes her mission for the segment very clear: break a rule or two.

"I've been in a car — maybe it was months ago with my daughter who learned to drive," she adds. "That was the only time in seven-and-a-half years that I've been in the passenger seat listening to music, rocking out like this. So this is a treat!"

Then, after tearing through Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and jamming out to Queen Bey's "Single Ladies" (remember: Obama's a professed Bey stan), the duo — now nicknamed Renaissance and Tiramisu — tackle "This Is For My Girls." Obama commissioned the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Zendaya and Elliott for the track in March as part of an effort to push for girls' global access to education.

And when Elliott's verse comes around, the rapper hops into the car back seat out of nowhere, breaks it down and makes a real mockery out of the Secret Service.

Then, of course, the group gets their freak on.

"This was a joy," Obama says as the joyride finally comes to an end. "I hope you liked the tour. I'm sorry, I should've given you some more facts and figures but I think the singing got in our way."

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