Today in celebrity grill news ... Harry Styles, Beyonce and Rihanna (but not together)!

Miley Cyrus has been an outspoken fan of the fashion, but if you had any doubt that the blinged-out gear was ALL the way in, the One Direction heartthrob, Queen Bey and RiRi are just the latest to join the celebrity grill gang. All three stars are pictured donning the mouth jewelry in new images shared on social media in the past couple of days.

No doubt Miley thinks everyone's copping her style, but the trio sinks their teeth into the fad with their own inimitable style.

As is his way, Hazza keeps it fun and festive, also donning an American flag bandana in an image shared on Instagram yesterday (Aug. 6) by producer Calvin Aurand:

Also yesterday, Beyonce posted a pic of her gold-and-diamond grill on her Tumblr. Bey's spin on the toothy trend? Vampire fangs!


Rihanna, true to form, likes her style with some controversy. Her golden grill comes in the shape of an AK-47 assault rifle! She shared two pics of it on Instagram earlier today (Aug. 7):

Whoa, definitely not a "chill grill," that!

Which celebrity grill thrills you the most? Mouth off in the comments below!

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