While making the press rounds in Germany -- before she got food poisoning and had to nix further promo -- that wannabe punk rocker Miley Cyrus joked about getting Chris Brown's name tattooed on her cheek. Ok, whatever. Then, the singer said that she hopes her hair grows quickly so she can change up her look again, since everyone is cribbing her style. No, really!

In a TV interview, the 'We Can't Stop' singer states, "Hopefully by the next time you see me, I'll have a pony down to my butt. I just want to always be different. Everyone has cut their hair to look just like me. So now I gotta do something different. I don't like when you walk in a see a bunch of other … yous."

Wait, so who cut their hair to look like Miley? We're not seeing a bunch of shaved heads in Hollywood, other than the shaved-underneath-look (aka Skrillex hair).

Is Miss Miley referencing embattled actress Amanda Bynes, who is probably suffering from some sort of mental illness, with conventional wisdom suggesting it's schizophrenia, since she shaved her head?

Is she talking about Rihanna, Pink or Robyn, who have rocked shaved pixies forevs? When Taylor Swift goes cueball or Selena Gomez takes a razor to her locks, then we might think that Miley has sparked a trend. Right now, she can really only lay claim to really popularizing (or playing out) twerkability.

Has Cyrus conveniently forgotten that she said she'd never grow her hair long again? We didn't.

Girl, make up your mind! And show us these copycats...