Charli XCX just released the video for her latest single "Famous," in conjunction with the upcoming YouTube Music Awards — which is an interesting move when you consider the content of the music video. YouTube is an internet video service, and Charli's "Famous" video is a send-up of the absurdity that is current internet culture.

Directed by Eric Wareheim of bizarro Adult Swim duo Tim and Eric, the video starts out with a young girl dressed in Charli's trademark goth-glam style. Her bedroom is wallpapered with posters of the singer, and she dances to "Famous" until all of her electronic devices start to fail her. Her phone dies midway through the track, and two super creepy figures emerge until she finds her tablet and plays the song on there. Eventually that dies, too, and the girl is dragged into another world where everyone consumed by everything electronic. A group of young girls is also trapped in this bizarre world, but they're stuck looking at everything through their tiny phone screens, unaware of the reality around them.

The heavy-handed commentary on our generation's need to plug in is underscored by the video's end, when Charli 2.0 plugs her dead phone into a shirtless guy holding a bunch of selfie sticks. (Yeah, it's as weird as it sounds.) She looks either dead or totally blissed out, which, okay, are kind of the same thing, right?

Check out the super surreal video for Charli XCX's "Famous" above.

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