Charli XCX is the songwriter behind Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love," a track off her 2015 album Revival. And while Charli recognizes Selena ultimately did the song justice, she recently admitted she was first tempted to keep the song for herself.

"There’s been some songs I wished I’d kept," she said in an interview with Grazia. "Actually 'Same Old Love' was one of those songs that once I’d heard Selena sing it – and she sounded so great – I was like, ‘Oh my god, I want this song for myself.’"

But Charli ultimately conceded, noting Selena's highly publicized then-relationship to Justin Bieber influenced the "Boom Clap" singer's decision to do so.

"Partly because she had such a high profile relationship which was all over the press, it felt very real coming from her," she said, "and I think a lot of the audience could really connect because of what had been going on. It was cool that really brought that song to life.”

Speaking about her songwriting process, Charli admitted that while she occasionally takes a more collaborative approach to certain tracks, "Same Old Love" was a full solo effort.

“That definitely happens sometimes for sure," she continued. "But this particular song was something I had written and [Selena] loved it and felt it related to her and that’s really how that came about.”

Head over to Grazia to read their full interview with Charli XCX.

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