Ring in September with Chiodos' hard rock, pop-punk infused '3 AM' -- and PopCrush has the exclusive premiere of the music video.

The passionate track, which features hard-driven guitars and an intense drum beat, tells of the heartache of losing a lover, but not realizing what you've lost until it's too late.

"It's only in the end when you were gone / I didn't realize what I had lost," lead singer Craig Owens belts out on the chorus. "These one night stands are meaningless, but I'm laying in bed with a girl I just met at 3 AM."

But despite the song's heavy message, the music vid is decidedly more upbeat, featuring the band acting out various different scenarios on TV -- we're talkin' everything from a 'Cheaterz' show to something you'd see on the History Channel and everything in between. The guys certainly look like they had a blast filming -- and they tell us that was definitely their intent.

“Never has this band been so excited about a music video, it's weird," Chiodos' Bradley Bell tells PopCrush exclusively. "This time we took the approach of having fun and getting everybody involved in some acting and just being their weird selves. Hopefully everyone else enjoys it as much as we did!”

Check out the exclusive premiere of Chiodos' '3 AM' video above. Like what you hear? Download their new album, 'DEVIL,' on iTunes here.