The Twitterverse is a man down. Prolific tweeter Chris Brown, who engages in plenty of wars of words in the space of 140-characters, has deleted his account after a particularly nasty exchange with writer Jenny Johnson.

After a heated battle of words (the "highlight" of which was Brown saying he'd like to fart on Johnson), Brown's account has been deactivated. If you try and look him up, you'll get this error message:

Sorry, that page doesn’t exist! Thanks for noticing — we're going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

Breezy continues to take heat over his 2009 beating of then (and seemingly now) girlfriend Rihanna. Even though she has clearly forgiven him, the rest of the world hasn't. He is routinely labeled a misogynist, and he repeatedly battles people publicly via Twitter. He's fought with a pro wrestler, Cher (although that was a faux account), and Frank Ocean in recent months over a variety of topics.

Breezy has never gone as far as to delete his account. It's probably not the worst thing in the world, though, since the singer usually flies off the handle and tweets before thinks, often deleting controversial posts after thinking it through. So maybe this will be a "cool down" period for him where he can gather his Twitter etiquette.

For what it's worth, it's time that Brown's handlers hire a crisis PR firm, one that helps clean up his image and that manages his social media accounts..

It's also worth noting that celebs deactivate their Twitter accounts all the time. Nicki Minaj has, as has Zayn Malik of One Direction, only to re-activate their accounts a few days later, since deletions aren't permanent if you re-open them within the span of 30 days.

So a deactivated account does not mean the end of Breezy on Twitter. We may very well see Breezy tweeting again sooner than later.

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