Chris Brown is once again headed to the slammer after he reportedly violated his legal agreement by being kicked out of rehab. The controversial singer has been in the treatment facility for almost four months.

TMZ reports that Brown was kicked out of the facility after violating "internal rules," though their sources claim it did not have to do with violence or drugs.

Brown was originally ordered by the judge in the Rihanna case to remain in the treatment center for 90 days -- a stint which he recently completed. However, the judge then ruled that Brown remain in rehab following his Washington D.C. assault case. In early February, Breezy was granted a pass to briefly leave the facility, and he then picked up an award, recorded a duet with Ariana Grande and announced the release date of his upcoming album.

According to TMZ, Brown was caught having a relationship with a female worker at the treatment center, but sources maintain that is not the reason the troubled singer has been kicked out.

While it may not be surprising that Brown once again is headed to jail, it is sad. It seemed like rehab was serving him well and making a positive impact on his life and his volatile anger management issues… but now it may be back to the old drawing board.