Chris Brown left rehab after 90, court-ordered days of treatment. He quickly got back to work, attending a ceremony during which he was honored, filming a video and announcing the new release date for his delayed 'X' album. But word is he is headed back to the facility to continue his treatment.

Sources say that the singer was granted a pass on Friday (Feb. 21) so he could pocket an award from 2nd Call, a Los Angeles community group. He was recognized for his work with the group and his own Symphonic Love Foundation and Unity Campaign.

Breezy made up for lost time while out of treatment. He was seen shooting the video on Saturday (Feb. 22) at Universal City Walk and then tweeted that he will release 'X,' which was originally due out last summer, on May 5, which will be his 25th birthday. So that'll be a big event for Breezy, as he celebrates the quarter-century mark and releases what he deems his finest release.

While Breezy has completed the 90-day stay in treatment, as mandated by a judge, he must return to the facility to continue his program, according to E! It seems as though the rehab is working for him and he is improving, so it might be necessary to continue the commitment, unlike, say, Selena Gomez, who did two weeks and bounced.

He shared some photos from the 2nd Call ceremony, which are posted below.

Looks like Breezy has some positivity and light in his life right now, with this award, a new release date on the horizon, along with his Ariana Grande duet. He has had a rough few months, with the rehab ups and downs, lawsuits from pending cases and lots of other assorted drama.

He also tweeted a note about staying positive despite some shady people around him, which was rumored to be about a music leak related to his former manager. We're glad he is focusing on the good and the posi.

Here's to hoping he gets back on track! Check out this photos from the 2nd Call event.