Who needs coffee when there's a hearty dose of a soaking wet Chris Hemsworth to jumpstart your morning?

The hunky 'Thor' actor stopped by 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' last night (Jan. 13), so you know some totally epic-ish went down. This time, it involved the card game War, multiple glasses of water, a Super Soaker and Chris Hemsworth basically having a wet T-shirt contest starring himself.

Here's what happened: Hemsworth and Fallon played a well-fought round of 'Water War,' in which the actors battled it out in the card game War -- and whoever won tossed a glass of water in his opponent's face. While Hemsworth tried his best -- as much as you can in a luck-only game, that is -- he wound up with water in his hair, on his chest, and yes, even on his crotch, as Jimmy Fallon dumped an entire glass on his lap, much to the audience's delight.

Of course, Hemsworth wasn't too upset -- in fact, he reacted pretty favorably when Fallon brought out the big (water) guns, spraying the Aussie hottie, who gamely soaked up all of the water -- and the attention.

Feast your eyes on Chris Hemsworth on 'Fallon' in the video above!