Jimmy Kimmel had the difficult task of following up the 2014 Oscars with 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' but he pulled it off with a series of LOL-worthy viral YouTube videos that have been given the Oscar treatment. In this hilarious spoof, Chris and Liam Hemsworth parody 'Charlie Bit Me' with the help of some Academy Award favorites, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.

"He was my brother, and we were inseparable," Chris Hemsworth dramatically recalls to his mother (played by Meryl Streep) in the opening of the 'Bitman Begins' video. "His teeth were like razors."

"Son, it's time you let him go," Streep considers. "It's been thirty years." But Hemsworth refuses, vowing instead to seek revenge on his younger sibling.

The scene then shifts to Tom Hanks making his way through a dungeon, wearing a monk-like robe and carrying a torch down to a locked-up Liam Hemsworth.

"He's coming for you," Hanks ominously warns him. "Then let him come," the younger Hemsworth replies.

As the 'Thor' actor chases Miley Cyrus' ex, the two soon find themselves up on a roof for an epic showdown.

"You were an animal!" Chris angrily screams at his brother. "Look at my hand!"

"Hear that, God?" he continues. "He wants mercy! After what he did!"

"Charlie bit me!" the elder Hemsworth wails. "Charlie bit my finger!"

The two then tackle each other off of the roof, and they fall to the ground.

"Ouch, Charlie," Chris says as he turns to his brother. "That really hurt."

Watch the hilarious spoof above.