Believe it or not, Chris Pratt wasn't always the superstar that we known him as now. Recently, the actor's first headshot went viral on the internet -- and he explained its origins to Jimmy Fallon.

During Chris' visit to 'The Tonight Show' last night (Sept. 25), he told a slightly (okay, very) sketchy story about how he went to a stranger's apartment to take the snap. Even more surprising -- he took a shower in the photographer's penthouse. However, as Chris is happy to remind the audience, the story has a very happy ending. It was that headshot that landed him his breakout role on 'Everwood.'

Meanwhile, back in California, Chris' wife Anna Faris and Ellen Degeneres were up to no good. The talk show host convinced the actress to prank call her husband, pretending that she was getting arrested. Naturally, Ellen voiced the cop "arresting" Anna. We won't give away what happens, but it's totally hilarious!

Watch Chris talk with Jimmy in the video above, and see Anna prank call him in the video below!