Arkansas native Cody Belew was cursed with a stutter growing up, but it’s safe to say that he has found his voice. He blew away the judges and audience alike on 'The Voice' tonight (Nov. 12) with his rendition of Tina Turner’s ‘The Best.’

Yet while he’s come a long way from his difficult past, he’s careful not to take his future for granted. “You can’t take those giant shoes off the shelf and try to walk in them if you’re not ready … it’s pass or fail,” Belew said.

“I think you’re one of the best natural performers,” Adam Levine commented. “You’re so comfortable up there, you love performing, and that’s a really huge part of your continued success on this show.”

Blake Shelton chimed in with his own words of agreement. “You always sound good, but you own the stage. You’re meant to be onstage, and it’s good to see you up there.”

Christina Aguilera’s response was positive enough, but it lacked the excited gusto of her fellow judges. “I enjoyed it, but I think, if you stick around, I’d love to see something even a little more up-tempo,” she remarked. “I just wanna see more bopping around the stage from you.”

As always, coach Cee Lo Green had an almost spiritual reaction to his performance. “I enjoy you as a person, as a personality, as a friend and as a comrade in this competition,” he said. “You remind us that this is still fun, because you’re so fabulous and free and you flow and it’s just a pleasure, you know?”

But the real question is, did America enjoy his performance enough to keep him in the running? Stay tuned to find out!