As the night draws to a close, all of the coaches, with the exception of Cee Lo, have filled their teams. So it's no wonder the last performer of the night would get through on 'The Voice.'

Let's meet Cody Belew from Arkansas, shall we? He's cute, he's country, his dad was a bull rider -- but wait a sec, let's take back the country part. Belew admits to once loving country music, until he discovered soul, and he even gushed over Cee Lo, so you know he's a shoe in.

As soon as he took the stage in his button down and jeans to sing 'Hard to Handle' by the Black Crowes, we fell in love. While we were busy putting our tongues back in our mouths, Belew tried his hardest to impress the coaches. His vocals were good, but his stage presence was excellent and you can tell he enjoyed performing for the crowd. But as he sang his last note and turned away from the coaches, Cee Lo pressed his button.

Once he faced the coaches, he looked sad, but then he realized Cee Lo pushed his button and he freaked the eff out! "I've been saying for months that I wanted Cee Lo!" he said as he ran to his coach and hugged him, releasing expletive after expletive, much to the joy of Adam, Christina, and Blake.

And just like that, the teams are filled and we can finally say ciao to the blind auditions.

See ya for the battle rounds next week!