Team Cee Lo’s Cody Belew channeled Freddie Mercury during his top 8 performance on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Nov. 26) with a powerful rendition of Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love.’

From Arkansas to Nashville, Tenn., the singer has been around the block a few times and has encountered many obstacles along the way, but he hasn’t let those bumps in the road break his spirit or his stride. A long-time fan of Queen's legendary vocalist, Belew fit the mold of the song easily. “That’s who I modeled myself after,” he said of Mercury.

Surrounded by a gospel choir, he belted out the well-known tune and threw in several dramatic effects, such as standing on the piano and passionately sinking down to his knees. It was quite an ambitious song to perform, but he gave it his all and it showed. “You really did a great job,” complimented Adam Levine. “It’s just a theatrical, really great song choice and you did a great job.”

“What I enjoy about you is you’re definitely a risk taker through and through and you’re not afraid to keep changing it up,” Christina Aguilera chimed in. “Every week, you come up with something different and I love that … and as always, even though you’re not on my team, we gotta hang out after the show!”

His coach praised him for not only his efforts, but his overwhelming progress. “What a wonderful, wonderful job,” Cee Lo said. He expressed how happy he was to see a contestant grow so much over the last several weeks, all the while making it look so effortless. Then, in true Cee Lo fashion, he rounded out the judges' remarks with his unfailing kindness and positivity. “I found a really good friend in you, Cody. Thank you.”

What did you think of Belew's performance tonight? Does he have what it takes to move on?