The opening battle round on tonight’s (Oct. 9) episode of ‘The Voice’ featured Domo and Cody Belew from Team Cee Lo. Following a high-energy duet chock full of choreographed dance moves, Belew was named the winner and Domo was eliminated.

The duo performed Lady Gaga’s 'Telephone’ – and Domo, with her background in hop-hop dancing and her fierce stage presence, was believed to have a slight advantage. This is “not necessarily my genre,” Belew remarked as the nerves began to creep in. Cee Lo called this round “the battle between the singer that can dance, and the dancer that can sing.” But the real challenge, he said, was having the whole package.

Guest advisor and Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas coached both singers alongside Cee Lo. He recognized Domo’s poise and confidence, but he also seemed to think that Belew had it in him to win. “All Cody really has to do is surprise people,” Thomas said.

Their battle round was nothing short of entertaining, featuring a dance routine that had several of the judges laughing by the end. “That was a really cool thing,” commented Blake Shelton. “We don’t see that here on ‘The Voice.’”

However, while Cee Lo was amused as well, he wasn’t entirely impressed. He admitted to being disappointed that they seemed to focus more on dancing than on taking the song and making it their own. Since he couldn’t pick a winner based on their delivery, it came down to personal preference, and he ultimately chose Belew.

“Cody’s got a really good spirit,” Cee Lo declared after making his choice. Even his cockatoo, Lady, agreed.