Cee Lo Green's first artist of the night is the handsome Cody Belew, who had "a moment" when he saw Jennifer Hudson was in the house helping out his coach for the day during rehearsals on 'The Voice.'

Singing Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love,' Hudson was impressed ... with his personality, not so much his vocals. She said his explosive personality was more memorable than his singing abilities, and even instructed him to go up a key in the song, a piece of advice he took her up on.

The song is hard for anyone to sing who isn't necessarily a powerhouse vocalist, given the many breaks in the song, but Belew sure as heck made it his own. Dressed in a leather jacket that looked to be straight out of Gene Simmons' closet, he was quite the entertaining performer, doling out some serious choreography skills and camera lovemaking.

But before he finished the song, he stared out into the audience and said, "Wait. I'm not finished yet," before embarking on some serious hip swivels to rival that of Beyonce.

"You're so cocky," said Adam Levine. "In the best way! You make me look humble. You see the sheer joy with what you do, which goes such a long way."

So to be fair, for a show called 'The Voice,' his vocals were just so-so, but his overall performance was awesome. We'd go see him on tour right now.